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Senior Scholarship Night
Posted On:
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

On May 17th the seniors got together to celebrate their academic success. 

The total dollar amount awarded out that night was right at $213,722. An outstanding amount for the size of our school.

That works out to about $4,500 per student. What a great effort by the seniors and a big thank you to all the local organizations and families who donated:

Brody John Newman Memorial, Donald Shenton Memorial, Don Wilde Memorial, Elain Blaine Memorial, Jared Sullivan Memorial, Jon Shively Memorial, Keely Lance Memorial, Clark County Rodeo, Community Church of MudLake, Deseret Agriculture, Farm Bureau, Hamerand Roberts Lion Club, Lady Lions, Miss Teen Rodeo, Mud Lake telephone, Mud Lake Farm Supply, No Boots- No Spurs, Panther Pride, Ron's Tire, West Jefferson Professional Secretaries in Ed. and The West Jefferson School Board.

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